Honda On Road Prices in India

Honda Car Price in India
Honda On Road Prices
We have following cars prices from Honda in various cities of India.
Honda Amaze (Price in Various Cities)Minimum PriceMax Price
Honda Amaze (VX MT Diesel)Rs. 8,28,254Rs. 9,48,651
Honda Amaze (VX AT Petrol)Rs. 8,27,737Rs. 9,49,824
Honda Amaze (VX MT Diesel (O))Rs. 10,01,436Rs. 9,91,465
Honda Amaze (VX MT Petrol)Rs. 7,30,635Rs. 8,41,321
Honda Amaze (E Diesel)Rs. 6,70,623Rs. 7,72,935
Honda Amaze (VX MT Petrol (O))Rs. 7,77,120Rs. 8,94,106
Honda Amaze (SX Diesel)Rs. 7,87,450Rs. 9,04,077
Honda Amaze (SX Petrol)Rs. 6,90,348Rs. 7,96,747
Honda Amaze (S MT Petrol Plus)Rs. 6,39,509Rs. 7,39,017
Honda Amaze (EX Diesel)Rs. 7,05,818Rs. 8,11,996
Honda Amaze (E Petrol)Rs. 5,54,199Rs. 6,43,905
Honda Amaze (S AT Petrol)Rs. 7,39,416Rs. 8,50,705
Honda Amaze (EX Petrol)Rs. 5,93,763Rs. 6,87,658
Honda Amaze (S MT Diesel)Rs. 7,44,064Rs. 8,54,811
Honda Amaze (S MT Petrol)Rs. 6,34,566Rs. 7,33,405
Honda Brio (Price in Various Cities)Minimum PriceMax Price
Honda Brio (VX BL AT)Rs. 7,24,181Rs. 8,19,386
Honda Brio (VX BL MT)Rs. 6,41,541Rs. 7,26,719
Honda Brio (VX AT)Rs. 6,75,114Rs. 7,63,669
Honda Brio (VX MT)Rs. 5,92,474Rs. 6,71,002
Honda Brio (E MT)Rs. 4,48,485Rs. 5,10,183
Honda Brio (V MT)Rs. 5,51,154Rs. 6,21,736
Honda Brio (EX MT)Rs. 4,71,756Rs. 5,37,130
Honda Brio (S MT)Rs. 5,09,138Rs. 5,80,360
Honda CR-V (Price in Various Cities)Minimum PriceMax Price
Honda CR-V (2.0L MT)Rs. 22,26,814Rs. 26,44,313
Honda CR-V (2.0L AT)Rs. 24,09,696Rs. 28,60,391
Honda CR-V (2.4L AT)Rs. 26,44,426Rs. 31,38,300
Honda City (Price in Various Cities)Minimum PriceMax Price
Honda City (VX (O) Diesel)Rs. 12,56,639Rs. 14,59,748
Honda City (VX (O) Petrol)Rs. 11,29,580Rs. 13,11,779
Honda City (VX Diesel)Rs. 12,25,649Rs. 14,23,658
Honda City (VX Petrol)Rs. 10,98,590Rs. 12,75,689
Honda City (VX CVT Petrol)Rs. 12,10,670Rs. 14,07,417
Honda City (V Diesel)Rs. 11,22,349Rs. 13,04,561
Honda City (S Diesel)Rs. 10,01,385Rs. 11,43,961
Honda City (V Petrol)Rs. 10,02,471Rs. 9,96,839
Honda City (E Diesel)Rs. 10,02,151Rs. 9,99,333
Honda City (S Petrol)Rs. 8,73,396Rs. 9,88,181
Honda City (E Petrol)Rs. 8,02,016Rs. 9,07,713
Honda City (SV CVT Petrol)Rs. 10,39,089Rs. 11,92,797
Honda City (SV Petrol)Rs. 10,00,950Rs. 9,97,749
Honda City (SV Diesel)Rs. 10,54,584Rs. 12,24,441
Honda Jazz (Price in Various Cities)Minimum PriceMax Price
Honda Jazz (V CVT Petrol)Rs. 8,33,522Rs. 9,42,082
Honda Jazz (V MT Diesel)Rs. 8,62,653Rs. 9,74,809
Honda Jazz (VX MT Petrol)Rs. 7,75,674Rs. 8,76,394
Honda Jazz (VX MT Diesel)Rs. 10,03,820Rs. 9,99,551
Honda Jazz (V MT Petrol)Rs. 7,24,954Rs. 8,18,800
Honda Jazz (SV MT Petrol)Rs. 6,86,733Rs. 7,75,399
Honda Jazz (E MT Petrol)Rs. 5,67,421Rs. 6,39,917
Honda Jazz (SV MT Diesel)Rs. 8,14,102Rs. 9,19,678
Honda Jazz (S CVT Petrol)Rs. 7,42,618Rs. 8,38,858
Honda Jazz (E MT Diesel)Rs. 6,93,757Rs. 7,83,023
Honda Jazz (S MT Diesel)Rs. 7,61,522Rs. 8,59,972
Honda Jazz (S MT Petrol)Rs. 6,30,021Rs. 7,11,001
Honda Mobilio (Price in Various Cities)Minimum PriceMax Price
Honda Mobilio (V Diesel)Rs. 10,70,206Rs. 12,70,516
Honda Mobilio (V Petrol)Rs. 10,14,025Rs. 9,99,096
Honda Mobilio (V(O) Diesel)Rs. 11,41,449Rs. 13,53,755
Honda Mobilio (S Petrol)Rs. 8,33,673Rs. 9,61,437
Honda Mobilio (V(O) Petrol)Rs. 10,35,463Rs. 12,14,809
Honda Mobilio (E Petrol)Rs. 7,22,686Rs. 8,37,685
Honda Mobilio (E Diesel)Rs. 10,01,905Rs. 9,95,336
Honda Mobilio (RS Diesel)Rs. 11,84,353Rs. 14,07,057
Honda Mobilio (RS(O) Diesel)Rs. 12,55,596Rs. 14,90,296
Honda Mobilio (S Diesel)Rs. 10,03,006Rs. 9,99,111